"Jessica and Gudrun introduced me to plants that I wasn't aware of and that I continue to enjoy, year after year. They are professional, reliable and committed to the creation of beauty."

— Rebecca Zendejas

“Thanks to Gudrun and Jessica, my garden has been transformed from a bare, boring landscape into a lush, exciting garden. I had some ideas for the kind of garden landscape that I wanted, but I didn’t know how to go about realizing those ideas. I feel very fortunate having found Gudrun and Jessica. It has always been a pleasure working with them. They have always been receptive to any ideas I might have. The end result is an incredible garden that I enjoy every day. Many of my friends tell me that I have one of the most beautiful gardens that they’ve seen. I have Gudrun and Jessica to thank for that.”

— Bob Barker

“After living in our home for 5+ years without any landscaping, we were very excited when our project finally began. I had been collecting photographs of different landscapes that I liked and I had a definite feel that I wanted for our yard. While visiting Seaside Gardens, in Carpinteria, we saw the beautiful grassland garden that Jessica and Gudrun had designed; I knew immediately that if I could find these women, they would be able to design my ‘perfect’ garden. When Jessica and Gudrun came to the house, they were willing to listen to my ideas and work with me to achieve the results I wanted. Their creativity and attention to detail have produced the most beautiful garden in the area. We love spending time in our yard; it is a beautiful piece of art! Now when guests come to our home, they are astonished at the beauty that has been created and always ask, who helped you with your garden? I am more than happy to tell them, Earthworks!”

Beth Perry