Eastside Garden Story

Near the Mission

This garden began with a love affair with grasses. Our client Beth had begun noticing ornamental grasses every where she went, collecting photos of grasses and grass landscaping. When she discovered the Grassland demonstration garden Earthworks had designed at Seaside Gardens Nursery in Carpinteria, California she called and asked if we could create a grassland in her front yard.  

She had already installed a beautiful rustic rock retaining wall and several olives which provided a perfect backdrop for sweeps of Chinese Fountain grass (Pennisetum orientale) with its pink and beige feathery blooms, Hairy Awn Muhly, the taller Fountain Grass ‘Fairy Tales’ and vase shaped Japanese Silver Grass ‘Morning Light’. Color was added with groupings of lavender, Euphorbia and two climbing roses by the entrances. To provide a contrast to the fine texture of the grasses and echo the blue-grays of the lavender we planted the ground cover succulent Senecio mandraliscae along the drive. A simple fountain by the front door with specimen grasses for more detail complete the front. The resulting design is a low maintenance, softly waving meadow, with layers of grasses and year round beauty. 

Beth said “we love love love the grasses” and was so excited about the front garden that she expanded the landscape project to include the back and sides of the house. Continuing the theme from the front garden, we planted grasses and climbing roses in soft peaches, pinks and buttery yellows. A lawn alternative around the pool area of Sedge grass (Carex pansa) can be left to grow to its full height of 12 inches or cut to a traditional lawn height. A giant old striped Agave americana sat at the base of a beautiful old stone wall bordering the garden and we used it to anchor a planting of succulents and grasses.  Beth was thrilled with the result.

“Truly I appreciate your expertise. Things are looking so wonderful. It’s a work of art.”

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